Feeling Foggy? Look at your training!

How hard are you pushing?

This coaching thing is taking off. I’m averaging at least 2 new clients a month on top of coaching at Vassar College. It’s been really exciting so far to meet new people or to get to know others on a deeper level. And, of course, starting the process of achieving their goals is special. Nothing else like it for me.

Last night I met a run-down athlete who is interested in qualifying for USAT Age Group Nationals in the Olympic distance. At first it looked like an early spring allergy reaction and a busy 4 days for work across the pond but, upon further inspection said athlete had some serious quality efforts 6 days a week! This is a common mistake made by new comers to the sport hungry to achieve. We all know endurance sports is addictive physically and psychologically so its often difficult to tell highly motivated people that we need some easy days to absorb and adapt to the hard work being done.

Not to say this athlete didn’t have some great ideas and workouts but, put together it was causing this athlete to feel constantly run down.

I was excited to catch this and to prescribe a more balanced system of training to get the results I know we are both looking for.

Its moments like this, working with people that allow me to further refine and develop my system of getting people to achieve their goals!

So, are you ready to take that next step? Your competition is certainly not waiting around for you to figure it out!

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