Adjustments – Where to Start?

Which dial should you turn?

We all need to make adjustments.

At work.

In life.

In training.

To achieve your highest goals you need to have a clear plan, clear ways to measure your progress along that plan and someone to help you with both of those! Whether you keep loads of data (ie. time, distance, HR, resting HR, power, etc.) or you have a simple benchmark test it is helpful to know where you’re at in your plan. Of course we can’t simply barrel through our plan stubbornly…how can you know exactly how you will feel in 2 months time from today?

Like the picture above there are so many ways to adjust and fine tune to get the perfect results. In music, the end product is a song that invokes memories, feelings, emotions, etc.

It’s not much different in sport.

It is important to “listen” to the data and make adjustments just as it is to have a good “producer” overseeing the whole project.

The triathlon season is just getting into full swing and its getting close to fall marathon training to start. And, right now you are a rough version of what the final product will be.

How are you going to ensure that this season is memorable?

You know where you want to go but do you know how to get there?

Can you fine tune your technique in swimming, cycling or running with video analysis?

Do you have someone looking over your training to help you make proper and appropriate adjustments?

Here is an interesting take on a popular music producer that is relevant to many things in sport as well about following your passion and taking control of creating a great product.

Are you read to create your masterpiece?

Give me a CALL and let me help you get there!

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