Triathlon Specific Swim Training w/ Coach Harris!

Let’s get your swim on!

I pulled it off! I finally got some quality pool time for my athletes at Vassar College. The local youth swim club is giving up two of its lanes so we can get our athletes in there.


6-week program of 18 sessions of TRIATHLON specific swim training!


Starts June 18th and runs through end of July.

Meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (except week of July 4th Mon, Wed, Thurs)

Practice is 6:00-7:30pm in June and 7:00-8:30pm in July.


$90 for two lane rental — thats $60 cheaper than normal

$60 for my jHarris coaching system

Number of athletes:

10 (possibly 12 — will lower lane rental cost per person)

So, thats the basic information but, I just want to explain my vision of how Im going to run practice. We have two lanes for 1.5 hours. Most of the swimmers will most likely not have strong swim backgrounds, which is going to be fun and exciting to work with and develop. However, 1.5 hours of straight swimming is a long time so I see us swimming and then doing some dry land training that targets all three disciplines (swimming, cycling and running).

Monday’s objective will be to increase endurance and strength for swimming

Wednesday’s objective will be to do a brick type workout (ie. swim warm up then 200 yards into 5 min on bike or run. Rest. Repeat 4-5 times)

Friday’s objective will be to flush out system, prep for race and stimulate central nervous system.

All swim practice will always have open water attributes in mind …so…

  • Sighting drills
  • Pack swimming
  • Open-water swim technique

There is a lot of value here folks!

Email me at to reserve your spot or ask questions!

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