Swim Session #1 Testimonials

“The swim training I did over the summer with Team Bikeway lead by Justin Harris was excellent. I consider myself an experienced swimmer but Justin was able to give me new information that helped me achieve faster times in my triathlons. Justin is able to pinpoint which drills are best to fix flaws in your swimming mechanics. This training group not only offers great instruction but it also gives you an opportunity to meet other athletes in the area.”

Joe Glauda, Multi-time finisher of Ironman

“Swimming is one of the hardest and least trained for events in a triathlon (and why most DUathetes are DUatheltes!). By taking Coach Harris’ 6 week swim program not only did I conquer my fear of the water and swimming in large groups BUT I was able to put together all of the hints and mental candy that he gave me to complete my first 2.4 mile swim in the Ironman US Championships in August. The swim workouts were tailored to many different abilities within our lane while all of my individual needs were met. After each workout I was exhausted BUT still wanted to do more! I highly recommend Coach Harris’ swim program to anyone looking to get their feet wet and improve their swim!”

Carlene Kuczma, US Ironman New York Finisher

“I’ve been racing triathlons now for 7 years at all distances from sprints to iron distances. After training myself and having average at best swim times I decided to seek out some expert coaching to improve. Not only did Justin quickly point out the many flaws of my swim stroke, he was able to correct them and increase my efficiency. I now can train the swim with more focus on technique and have had a steady improvement each time I hit the water. ”

Brian Kuczma, US Ironman New York Finisher

“Coming in to the 6 week swim session I had little to no experience swimming, being that this is my first year doing triathlon at the age of 15. My form wasn’t even close to being right and did not have much stamina in the water. Coming out of it after 6 weeks I felt like an actual swimmer and that I could say that I was a swimmer. The value of the sessions is more than good, I think it averages to be less than 8 or 9 dollars a session which is an amazing deal. Justin is a phenomenal coach, he can always give you a tip on something, and help you as an individual. He is very straight forward with his coaching, he doesn’t sugar coat it, he will tell you what you are doing wrong and how to fix it, which I personally like. We went over many different drills working on hip rotation, head position, bi-lateral breathing, kicking, and much more. By the end of the 6 weeks I was swimming 2000yds a session and felt confident, and comfortable. If you want to have some fast swim splits and just be a better swimmer overall, Justin is the man to teach you.”

Steven Kauffman, 15 years old

“I used to think that volume was key to swimming success – boy was I wrong! Justin broke down my stroke and helped me begin to shed years of bad habits, replacing them with a smoother, more efficient swimming technique. With Justin’s coaching, I PR’d the Lake Placid Ironman swim!”

George Prisco, 6x Ironman Lake Placid Finisher

“I had a great time in the swim clinic. Justin is organized, focused and aware of what is essential to good conditioning. He introduces new and exciting drills each week, that are specific to what triathletes need. Justin knows the perfect balance between pushing us to our limits and keeping it light and fun. After the session, my conditioning in swimming is the best it has ever been. He works really well on helping our form and breaking bad habits. I accomplished much more in the sessions than I ever could have done on my own, and met some wonderful new friends in the process! I thoroughly recommend it to anyone trying to improve! Justin is a great coach!”

Kathy Poncelet, Completed 1st Olympic Distance Tri last year

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