Less is not for the faint of HEART

I love working the tough cases, you know, the ones where other says…

“You can’t do that here.”

“That person is broken.”

“The facilities are non-existant or crap.”

You get the point.

It’s in those moment that we must consider challenging the status quo as Seth Godin discuss in The Icarus Deception (must read). What happens when you have everything? Every color in the palate, all the time, the best equipment, the “best” staff, etc….

First, why not get dirty!? Why not get in the trenches? Why not restrict all those above things?There wasn’t always that piece of equipment, there wasn’t always 4 people helping you out, there wasn’t always that facility to turn in to.

Consider this, in having less do you actually put yourself in a position to solve the problem in a unique way?

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