Progression of the 4H’s

The cycle can go like this.

1) Hubris    = extreme arrogance (or pride)

2) Humble  = meekness or modesty in behavior

3) Humility = condition of being humble

4) Hubris     = extreme pride (or arrogance)

You think you are the greatest thing since Wonder Bread, which may be justifiable since you’ve worked hard. However, there is a difference between extreme PRIDE (which will all need to act with more – you deserve it) and extreme ARROGANCE.

When you’re arrogant you’re also being ignorant of others and then, hopefully, someone says or does something to HUMBLE you.

This is good because when you were arrogant you lacked connection with others.

And connection is what we desire this day and age (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, texting).

Then once we are humbled we start to move with more HUMILITY, which happens to the habit of being humble. It’s ok to be modest but, and this is where I differ, don’t stay there long.


It takes extreme pride to challenge the status quo.

“How dare you not comply?”

What’s life without daring to be different, to try to change or challenge in order to make a better connection?

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