The “Money Ball” Life

I love the movie, the concept; need to read the book.

Every time I watch it, I think of its concepts for days.

How much do our emotions influence our beliefs? Our choices? Our investments? Our life?

Why does the fact that, “this is how I did it!”, make us experts?

You need lots of data in order to analyze, find trends –to be able to tell a story that maybe no one else is seeing.

What’s your “money ball”?  That is, what concept are people over looking in your industry because they say things like, “There is a certain art to doing it.”, “We know better because we don’t ‘need’ the science.”

Ok, cool, but show me the data first.

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One thought on “The “Money Ball” Life

  1. Scott says:

    Without the scientific method we would be nothing other than make believe, even In sport.

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