I just finished my 3rd book of the year, The Fighter’s Mind by Sam Sheridan. His goal is to, by interviewing the top echelon fighters and trainers/coaches in an array of fighting disciplines, reveal the commonalities of mindset during training and fighting. It isn’t anything new if you’ve read similar books. However common it’s still valuable to hear it from different perspectives.

The common theme he concludes with is most of those at the top are obsessed.

“There are no shortcuts but a lifetime of study. There are no easy ways but obsession.” – Sam Sheridan

As we move into the era of connection there is a smaller and smaller gap between work and the rest of your life.

Is your life your work? Is it hard to tell when work ends and free time begins?

Now, it’s not good if you hate your job, then I suppose you will need a clean break.

Can you be doing something that closes that gap?

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