Aprender (Spanish)

Apprendre (French)

学ぶために (Japanese)

Yзнать (Russian)

To Learn (English)

What does it mean to learn? How does one learn? When does learning end? Where does learning happen? Who learns?

I wasn’t the brightest student. I earned Honor Roll marks most of my life but, just barely. I once had an AP Chem teacher who reminded me weekly that I wasn’t AP material and asked me to drop the class — all the way through March! Sorry I was different.

I wasn’t the least engaged. I would pay attention to what the teacher said. It’s like a presentation; the valuable information is not the minimal amount of info on the board. It’s the connection the presenter makes with their dialogue.

Learning was exciting in elementary school. Middle school pretty much killed it for me and high school reinforced that you simply had to toe-the-line to make it through. I focused on running where you were directly rewarded for your hard work and for taking chances.

Early on in college it was a bit more of the same, that was until I failed Calculus, got a D in Intro to Politics and a C- in Accounting. I took classes others suggested and I payed for it by not connecting to the classes, the professors, or my peers. A semester on Academic Probation and mandatory study hall I was awaken. No longer would I do what others wanted me to do. It’s time to take ownership of my “learning” and find courses and professors that were stimulating. I didn’t mind doing more work.

These days, I still learn something new every day. It’s not a goal to do such, it just happens.


It happens because I have this insatiable thirst to know. Like today, I’m spent the night at my brother’s since we haven’t seen each other in some time. I woke up and immediately thought about grabbing my computer so I can check my daily informative websites. I read about assessments for muscles and rehabilitation protocols that may be game changers in the future.

When I read this all, I feel this nausea almost in my belly. Maybe it’s that proverbial “fire” in the stomach that successful people have. I know I just start reading and when it’s stuff about what the next 1-2 years (aka the future) look like, I almost panic, like I need to learn more. I want to be on the cutting edge. I want to help others. I want to help myself.

I want to learn.

And if I keep learning then, one day, I’ll have earned my edumacation.

2 thoughts on “Edumacation

  1. Paul R says:

    Hey Jut I really enjoy your blog and coaching insights. I have a suggestion for you…maybe include a ‘Run of the Day’ or workout of the day for people to follow. Maybe have some multiple ones for marathoners, triathletes, or 5K’ers. It is almost a ‘taste’ of the expertise you can bring in training and coaching athletes. I think it would be really cool. Have people post thier times and what they accomplished to the comments everyday to hopefully encourage a competitive atmosphere. Very CrossFit like but more evolved towards running and what you know. Something like this:

    20K+ Runners:
    – Run a tempo 10K

    10K Runners:
    – 6×800 track workout + stretching and plyos

    5K and below Runners:
    – Run hard mile and immediately transition to 100 air squats, 100 situps, 50 pushups

    – So on and so forth.

    Anyways you are the expert, but it is just a thought and it could be really cool. Expand your brand and get people involved. I wish you the best of luck!!

  2. Scott says:

    Learning will always be a full time job for the rest of our lives. Dig in and enjoy your knowledge!

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