To win or not to win?

How do we talk about winning?


We have to be politically correct about this too?

[In thick heavy NY accent] “Get outta here!”

Seriously, there is talk about giving every kid a ribbon for participating, as well as talk about being wary of competition.

There is plenty of competition everywhere you look in the real world. Competition for jobs, for property, for evening finding a mate.

Winning is a mindset and it’s not only about doing your best.

I’m sorry but, sometimes you have to do something else to be successful. It’s not just about doing more; it’s about doing what’s necessary.

Necessary can mean to change, to do more, to alter, to do less , to commit — the list of variations is endless.

Mark Allen, 6 x Hawaii Ironman World Champion, lost his first SIX attempts before he realized he was afraid prior to winning his first, which ended up being called The Ironwar. In his book Fit Soul Fit Body he mentions that he had to, in order to win, not do what he had done the previous years but, do what was necessary to win.

If one the best athletes can do it in sport then anyone can do it in any other field.

It hurts because you have to check your ego at the door. You must move from subjectivity to objectivity.

Ok, class please complete the worksheet….


Name: ____________________________

Date: ____________________________

Course Title: ______LIFE_______

Instructions: Please use the word bank provided to complete the question below.

Word Bank

“Are you prepared and willing to not only do your best but, what it takes to __(fill in the blank)__?”

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4 thoughts on “To win or not to win?

  1. Sheri Aceto says:

    “master myself”

  2. Mario Zumbo says:

    To go beyond your pre-perceived limits!

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