Talk the Talk…

…to be a high performer and I’m not talking about backing up your trash talk. I’m talking (punny!) about clear communication.

With the recent London Olympics all the top coaches were tweeting about get togethers where professionals from different sports, certification backgrounds, titles (Dr., trainer, chiro, manager, etc) could come together to share thoughts, concerns, and questions.

It sounded like a dreamy place to be.

I was watching Bourne Legacy and, not to ruin it if you haven’t seen it, the path to success leads to complete chaos because there is no communication between departments due to clearance and need for secrecy.

I mean, seriously, look at any high performing group of people and there is certainly clear communication.

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The good ones, the ones that have clear-cut results (not just the ones who talk about doing it), have little ego and accept vulnerability. How can you be open to someone else’s point-of-view if, as they are talking  you’re trying to one-up them, or show how you know more, or try putting them in their “place”,…

…OR the worst, let people know that they are stepping outside their area of “expertise”?

Isn’t our “expertise” geard towards creating a successful path? How are you so sure I can’t add something valuable to the process or provide a different perspective?

Now, there can be too many “cooks in ‘da kitchen” but, you get the point.


“Talk amongst yourselves.”

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