Men occupy half of this world’s population yet of 190+ countries only 9 are led by women.

When is it going to be 30/70 or 40/60?

What would the world look like under a  reign of 50/50?

How, as a coach, can I help change effect this statistic?

3 thoughts on “50/50

  1. Sheri says:

    I am not sure if you can change it, but maybe you could recruit for woman, or structure a portion of your program to be female friendly. The average woman is more emotional and requires a certain amount of sensitivity, unless you are not the average woman, so hard core teaching or training techniques maybe intimidating to them. In my program, which is an educational program, we lack men (males). Actually, we have 2 females to every male. So I think naturally, men are more drawn to the sports and physical training activities where they can measure their strength and abilities to the next best person. Most men are very competitive and I think that has a lot to do with it. Whereas, females are also sporty and like activities and can just as well be competitive, but I think a program like the one I work in is more attractive to females then males in comparison to what you do.
    As far as to more men ruling opposed to woman, I think that is in the stages of turning around. For a long time, men were the bread winners and went further in their education. Whereas the woman stayed home and cared for their families and took care of the in home needs. Presently, woman are “fighting back” and becoming more educated, much stronger and more fit. More woman are running for higher positions in their companies in the government. Woman are not as emotional as they used to be because a lot of woman are fighting hard for what they have and their positions. what would a world look like if it was ruled 50/50 I would have to ponder that one more. Could be a lot of Ego’s clashing against a lot of emotion.
    With that being said I go back to my original statement in reference to your question about how can you change that statistic as a coach (which is the bigger picture here)………as a coach, not sure if you do already, but maybe offering more “female friendly” activities or training that would be less intimidating for an average woman to become “much more greater then average” would help you make a small dent in a XXX-Large

    • justinHARRIS says:

      Are there “female friendly” jobs? Positions? Should we handle males and females with different guidelines and expectations? According to Sheryl Sandberg, the statistics show that in the past decade females are earning 60% of the college degrees but the numbers of females in leadership positions is unchanged. It is something I am very aware of and I attempt to develop strong leadership aspirations and characteristics in all my athletes; regardless of gender.

      Vassar has a very strong female-orientated existence and it’s something both females and males recognize as being a pivotal part of their education and life skills.

      • Sheri says:

        I wouldnt necessarily say that there are “female Friendly” jobs per say, but look at the nursing field, it’s predominately woman although men have now been fluctuating in to these roles . And look at woman crisis centers, it’s predominately woman. Woman scarred by men do not want to be helped by a man. I mean me personally, I won’t go to a male gynecologist for my exams and I have a female PCP. I fell like they relate better to me as a female. I don’t think that woman should really be dealt with differently (I know I like to run hard with the boys right down to tackle football), but some woman (woman not like me) need to be eased into a man’s world. I would say the same concerning men treading in the realm of woman favored positions and/or sports. I think to integrate male and female in everything equally would be great because maybe it will balance out some inequalities. However, I dont think that it is necessarily realistic because in my opinion (which maybe wrong because I have been wrong before) men tend to be favored in higher positions because of reasons like woman being controlled by emotion and men being so matter of fact and/or the feeling that men are able to demand a respect that woman can not. Like, look at Hillary Clinton, she thinks like a man, shows little emotion and thus has held not only the respect of men in high places, but some of their positions. Unfortunately, not every woman is Hillary Clinton, so then what do you do to help woman realize just how much potential they have? Well, I would do something that would bring them out and be more appealing to them. So, then yeah, I guess in that aspect I would treat them differently because maybe that’s what they need to realize their full potential without being intimidated and maybe never trying to come outside their pretty little box.

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