Grains of Salt



People don’t always know what they want.

There, said it!

Athletes often ask for certain feedback or for different types of workouts or desire certain outcomes — they’re self-aware of what it takes to be successful. Yet, when you give people what they ask for, it’s not always received with thanks, praise, or happy faces. Actually, it’s sometimes paired with, “Why are we changing things?”

Seriously!!!!!!?? Because, well, you asked for it.!

It’s great to have feedback from those around you and the more often it happens the better. Feedback can be like a game — “You did this, now try to beat that mark (SEE: CrossFit).”

Sometimes the feedback is irrelevant. It’s not useless because the song-and-dance of going through the process of communicating as a group and presenting those bits of information to superiors is an important and vital step to being successful in life. The people receiving feedback need to be accepting of the process and attempt to not be so defensive (NOTE: Very difficult).  At the end of the day, decisions need to be made and those decisions can be as simple as the superiors knowing that we are exactly where we are suppose to be by design or knowing that you need to acknowledge the complaint and move forward, not changing a thing because to change it, in the time and context, would negatively affect more people that it would positively affect a select few.

When people speak, they are often coming from a very subjective platform and its great to have the data to either back up their request or to choose not to do anything because the data shows the trajectory.

It’s a fine art to learn when to take comments/complaints/feedback with a grain of salt, change right on the spot or to keep moving full-steam ahead.

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