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An athlete came into our office yesterday to discuss an idea of her’s about how to track/monitor athletes’ training better than the system we are currently using (online journal and the old fashion marble notebook).  First, the fact that she’s thinking of how to help streamline things is going to certainly help her in the future at whatever job she ends up doing. It’s something we’re always thinking about as coaches, that is, how do we streamline the process of monitoring 60 athletes readiness, fatigue, sleep quality, academic load, etc.

Funny thing was, I woke up this morning to read Carl Valle’s post about thyroidism and he mentions tracking bloodmarkers with cell phones (irony – I think not). I put that into to google and SHAZZAM!, a whole ton of stuff came up. Thirty tabs later on my browser (yeah I may have no unread messages in my inbox – pet peeve of mine – but I always have an insane amount of open tabs up of stuff I NEED to read; I have 3 tabs that have been sitting there for over 1 month), 2 hours gone by on my watch and my mind is racing.

One thing we challenged this athlete was, how can it be noninvasive?  What’s going to get athletes to want to do it and it not take a lot of time?  Yes, pricking a finger to get blood draws (hahaha – get it!?) up a whole slew of other things to be concerned with but, still, imagine the possibilities. Or, better yet, imagine the microchip under the skin to track sleep quality, stress hormones, nutrition markers, blood oxygenation, etc.?

Holy Hell this is AWESOME and very scary at the same time!

Also, if a high school kid can figure out a way to detect and monitor pancreatic cancer, can’t we do similar stuff, that is, create simple oral swabs that tell us if an athlete is truly ready to do a hard workout or needs another day with a turnaround of 1 min? I know this is the “art” of coaching and elite level coaches working with 3-10 athletes can use many of their instincts to figure this out and it’s a whole different ballgame with 60 athletes over 15+ events.

What are items that you wish you could monitor on your smart phone or Ipad? How would you use that at your job, in your play, at home?

This whole industry is evolving and whether you think it’s a smart idea or not, smart phones are changing the world around us quicker than Darwin could have imagined.

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One thought on “Evolutionarily Smart

  1. Sheri says:

    There is a fitbit product called the One that does a lot of the things you would hope to be able to track one day. It tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, stairs climbed and more. At night it measures your sleep cycle, helps you learn how to sleep better, and wakes you in the morning with a silent alarm. You can sync it to your smartphone or connect yor pc wireless to upload info and read results. You can also create a “team” in which you share results or challenge your friends to competitions. You can also log your food, water, workouts, weight, and more using Fitbit’s online tools. If you’re on the move,you can use the mobile app to do the same. It has a really large database that covers food and activities, which makes logging your info quick and easy. Create a Food Plan to eat smarter. Log an infinite number of activities, from walking the dog to swimming laps. Check out the site: http://www.fitbit.com/one#bages-friends. Compared to some of the technology out there and for $99 it seems to be very efficient. Maybe it’s something you can look into for your athletes. 🙂

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