Stability = Boringly Safe

Does stability bring high levels of success or does being risky?

One may say consistency instead of stability, they can be one in the same. However, is this the path to elite performance? When does taking a chance come into play?

Spectrums are a reality to everything we do and consistency/stability and risk/taking chances are on different ends. The above video concludes with:


Did Michael Jordan, Abraham Lincoln and others take a risk or did they merely keep pushing along, being consistent about how they progressed? It doesn’t seem that there were huge leaps in performance.

This is something managers, CEO’s, coaches and teachers come face to face with, that is, the question of how far to push? Your trajectory and time and context show that you will have lots of success because, frankly, you are ahead of your intended targets. It’s easy to get complacent AND it’s even easier to overreach.

What experiences have you had that you feel like you underperformed in the classroom, at work, and/or the field of competition?

Where have you had success and then took “bigger chunks” than you could handle and stopped or slowed your trajectory towards gaining more?

Consistency can seem boring and our current generation has a tough time with boring yet, its the fine “art” of knowing when to take a risk and when to stabilize behaviors/habits that can allow a certain breakthrough when dealing with a plateau.

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