Defining Style


The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin


Success in high Performance in any field is hard to achieve and even more difficult to recreate. It’s similar to Leadership, as in it’s hard to define.

People talk about needing balance to be successful and, using my gut reflex, I think it’s bullshit. It’s bullshit in the sense that thinking that you need to spend the same amount of time in all areas in order to have balance is crap!

Now, to be successful, one person I know described it as, “…every piece may not be equal but, the totality of it all is balanced so the person can be successful.”

This makes sense and you’d think it was common sense…and it isn’t.

Sorry, off my soapbox on balance…back to success.

I recently blended the ideas of others to create this definition of success.




1) Achieving high performance while exhibiting stylistic characteristics particular to the individual or group.

Think about it…

…exhibiting style…

We love Michael Jordan because of his iconic  stylistic spread legged dunk….

We love Koby Bryant because of his stylistic fade-away jumper…

We love Andy Warhol because of his stylistic pop art…

We love Jimmy Hendrix because of his stylistic electric guitar skills (playing a right-handed guitar upside down and restrung)…

How do we define style? When someone is successful why do we say, man, that was all of that persons character displayed to the masses? What kind of stylistic elements stand out?

“You know what you have?”


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