Tunnel Vision

Is it bad or is it good?

You get locked down on a project or its the end of the season and the details matter, right?

The worst fear is being in the moment and missing the obvious, right?

“What if…?”

ugh, this obviously is crap I worry about and when I get here, I always step back and look at the big picture. I think, or I could imagine I’m criticized for not pouring my heart and soul to work like a dog to finish the project, however, the goal, well, I should say the original goal, have we moved away from it without realizing it?

“You’re thinking way down the road.” or “I need you here and now.”

When you’re in that zone it can be an incredibile time to step back, look holistically and dream of things short-term. I mean, you’ve worked and maneuvered yourself, your team, others to achieve something big and exciting — I mean why else would you put effort into something if that wasn’t the case? So, why is it then a bad idea to make sure you can do something incredible by taking a moment to step back?

When the blinders are on you miss beautiful roads to turn down that, in that context and time, are very easy to go down — more so when you’ll be done with the project.

How do you do it?

  1. Step back and look at it from a different perspective. Ask someone who has spoken, explain it to someone who is completely removed from the scenario as they are more objective.
  2. Look at the data peripheral or analyze it with a different protocol. We see what we want to see. Plain and simple. We can weave intricate stories to make a point or believe our subjective thoughts.
  3. Make a decision. Inaction hurts everyone. Try things because sometimes the slightest change can be what is needed.

What are some other strategies out there for us to being objective?

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