King of the Hill



Remember playing KING of the HILL as a kid?

It entailed the goal of scaling a mound of dirt or snow to hold the strategic position of the peak. From there, you had a visual vantage point and gravity on your side. Also, if you played your cards right, the minions attempting to take your position would fight amongst themselves, often reaching you fatigued and easy to defeat.

It’s funny that this simple game exists in our adult lives – work!

Not all work but, most jobs seem like you’re playing KING of the HILL. Trying your hardest to get to the top while everyone else is pushing you down. They don’t physically push you but, through tons of red-tape, hiring incompetent people, gossip and the such, you are eventually held down — in your rightful place; you joker!

Screw that crap!

I see people my age waiting for the elevator, thinking they just have to put in their time and wait. If you are in a union, well, this is truly the case. However, no one is going to hand you their job or even the job next to or just under them. Especially if you GSD.


Isn’t that who should get hired or move up?

Well, it doesn’t unless you work your ass off and make every other option for hire seem so incompetent that they have to hire you or else.

College is set up with advisors and the such to “guide” you to your potential career. It’s like a freaking assembly line.

Step on this belt and just do.

Again, screw that crap.

I had to often argue with advisors about which sections of classes I’d take.

“I don’t want to take it with that professor because students rate that person as ineffective.”

I didn’t care that the good teachers were harder or gave more work…if they were rated as “actually teaching you something (this is hilarious)” then I went after them.

It’s not easy to challenge status quo.

“I want to go abroad.”

“You can’t”

um, yeah, I went!

Below is a excerpt from the above link about coaching tips to getting to a place where you can make a difference.

Stuart McMillian -What messages do you have for a young coach who wants to succeed and make a difference?
Derek Evely:
  1. Work your ass off, then work your ass off some more

  2. Create something that people want to be a part of

  3. Find a mentor(s) and do what you have to to spend time with them

  4. Take charge of your own coaching education

  5. Develop your own methodology… and let it evolve

  6. When it comes to your methodology or system, deal in facts, not guesses, hopes or assumptions

  7. Respect tradition and those who came before you, but stay current and relevant

  8. When things go wrong, look at yourself and your program first before you start blaming the athlete

  9. Don’t bitch when you realise no one gives a shit whether you have produced something or not, because those who understand what ‘producing athletes’ means do not control the process of rewards and incentives. Enjoy your hard-earned results and the chance to live a life among great people, that may have to be enough

  10. Put your signature on everything you do

If you’re going to aspire to make a difference then you’re going to organize your forces and storm the castle. The person in there is going to do everything they can to keep you from achieving your goals. I wish it was always a different way but, I don’t always see it that way. Take charge of how you learn and what you learn and make it yours. OWN IT and DO IT!

How can we make moving through the ranks less like KING of the HILL and more like CAPTURE the FLAG (where you assemble a team of people who hold each other accountable to achieve the goal of capturing the flag (aka goal!)?

Really excited to hear your responses here!!!

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