Last Pick



It’s 11:30am on a Wednesday in 5th grade. Think back to that period of time for yourself.

What were you doing?

Probably standing in line, team captains have already been decided and it’s time to pick the team for (insert childhood game name).  What’s the first thought that went through your head in that moment?

“Please don’t be last pick!”

It’s simple – being picked last sucks and it’s something you have control of!

Yup, just like KING OF THE HILL, you need to take charge.

Either put out more effort, learn how to be better, or find a new audience.

Why are we afraid of finding that place where we are valued. Searching doesn’t imply failure or defeat; it signifies self-awareness and positive self-worth.

When have you felt like you were the “last pick” and what did you do about it because we all know it feels like Mike Tyson just punched you in the stomach?

If you didn’t then we, um….yeah, have a problem!

So, what did you do about it? Or, how could someone get around it?

Tom Brady, All-Star QB of the New England Patriots, was the 27th pick of the 6th ROUND!

He did cry about it…and then he did something about it!

If you are constantly being picked last then you are settling, being complacent and missing a great opportunity to be creative and make change and we all know our new world needs human beings creating more change.

What are you doing to not be complacent, to create change and to be creative?

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