Winning = going to war

Don’t let anyone fool you…

recruiting is an armsrace – preseason is bootcamp – practice are battles – competition is war.

And war is a thinking person’s game. Planning is pivotal and managing systems is paramount.

However, one of the bigger impacts is personnel.

“Who are you surrounded by?”

A big part of coaching is recruitment. Whether it’s a high school coach convincing kids in their class to participate or professional sports picking up free agents or negotiating draft picks. Another part is attaining and maintaining talented staff. Imagine an army of the uneducated, a coaching staff of disloyal people or small thinkers?

Reading War Room by Michael Holley provides the inside into the Bill Belichick’s rise of and fall (and maybe rise) to building a “perfect” team. The biggest lesson is — create systems to attain, maintain and develop high-level personnel, which includes both athletes, as well as staff.

If you aren’t experience success this can be a main area to focus on with a lens of honesty and truth.

How are you developing those around you to be successful?

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