Potential Personnel

Acquiring personeel successfully requires some sort of system.

It’s something I’ve been debating for the past 3-4 years since I’ve been involved in the process of recruiting high school student-athletes for college. I remember going through the process and now being on the other end of the phone or computer makes me wonder…

“How do you know the person on the other end will make an impact?”

Michael Holley’s War Room goes into this at a depth I haven’t experienced and what seems like the first step is what are markers or indicators of success at the level you desire. So, for me its, what are the markers of student-athletes who have qualified for nationals and/or have competed at a high level on and off the track at the collegiate level?

James, the Head Coach at Vassar, and I have spoken about this before and I look forward to coming back to this soon.

Some quick things he mentioned (because he is always much more succinct than I am) he heard from another coach was:

  • We want kids who love to run.
  • We want kids who hate to lose.

What are some indicators in your field that successful people exhibit?

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