2013 Why – Why – What – How

1) Why do I coach?

Without overly thinking the question, it’s the simple fact I want to win and to win at the highest level there is. If I cannot do it myself then I will keep trying to do it in other ways. I say “to win” because I believe the process of winning changes people. It can go either way and I focus on how winning changes people to positively affect those around them. Part of that is changing for the better in order to win – being more committed, organized, focused, determined, or confident – and then how winning provides one with an opportunity to positively influence others. A coach has the greatest influence on people and, therefore, they can be the catalyst for either positive or negative change. I coach because I want to be the person respected for positively influencing many and its here, in coaching, that I have the ability to effect the most people on this earth.

2) Why do I coach the way I do?

The way I coach is the way that works. I’m wrong more than I am correct and some of that is based on how I was coached and I become more detached from that notion year after year towards a more evidence-based approach. What worked for me or how I perceived the world may not work for my athletes. This is because, at the end of the day it’s what works that is relevant. It takes a certain acceptance of vulnerability to uncover the truth – the evidence and yet, to know that there is measurable progress, whether through specific testing or through frequent observation and record keeping, it’s those qualities that speak volumes and provide confidence. “It” worked and I strive to know what “it” is or was.

3) What it feels like to be coached by me?

To be coached by me feels like overcoming adversity and to overcome that you have to be open-minded and “on-your-toes”. It’s feels this way because your competition will do the same -if they’re smart. In practice you will be challenged physically, psychologically, and emotionally. You will know that I’m always watching and in that, you’ll know to relax and just be you since you can’t fake it. It also feels that once you have my trust, which is received the moment you commit fully to me, then I’ll be there to protect, guide and support you through it all – both on the and off the field of competition or practice.

4) How do I define success?

I remember reading a quote from Wayne Goldsmith, expert coach and consultant, that said something along the lines of are not only willing to do your best but, what is necessary to succeed. This was echoed by Mark Allen, 6x Ironman Hawaii World Champion. Therefore, I define success as the moment you realize that there is a difference between your best and whats necessary because what is necessary demands a detachment from subjectivity. It’s also in this moment that one moves from focusing on the outcome to what the process of success is.

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