Big News: Olympic Training Center Intern

The big news is I’ll be leaving tomorrow (Sunday July 21st) to spend 1 month interning with Director of Sport Performance Ambrose Serrano at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid.

Coach Serrano is in charge of getting the winter sports athletes who are trying to represent Team USA stronger and faster as we head into the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. It’s going to be all-hands on deck and I look forward to help, learn and grow with this opportunity.

In January, I attended a conference tailored to coaching for Speed and Power and left motivated but, also frustrated. Learning doesn’t happen fully by listening to people talk and watching power point presentations. I wanted to watch a practice so I researched and emailed the presenter I most resonated with to see if I could come and watch him work. Dr. Brad DeWeese  was the guy and he encouraged me to come up. After trying several times to take him up on the offer I decided to try one last time in June and as things played out I’m heading up.

It’s this constant theme in life that if you want something you must find a way to get it (without hurting others of course!).

The above video provides some insight into what we will be doing up there!

One thought on “Big News: Olympic Training Center Intern

  1. Matt Walsh says:

    Way to go, Harris!

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