Novelty: Adopting New Ideas

Takes time to get believers. From Seth Godin’s new book sales numbers.

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Assessment: Low Hanging Fruit

I’ve been formally coaching for 6 years in a colligate setting spanning one position in distance and through my current job at Vassar in sprints/jumps/hurdles/multis. School breaks are always a time to stop and reflect. It often entails me looking through the piles on and in my desk. Its hard for me to throw out certain things, especially little reminders of what my life is like in that moment in time. I love reliving that former period of time by reading a saved news article, watching an old video, or going through old training logs and such. Below is a note a wrote to myself in my coaching log book after my first month of coaching speed/power athletes.

photo 3

Feb. 19, 2012 – 1st Month Reflection

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Movement Matters: A Look at Glial Cells

Astrocytes and Microglia

I recently took a course on advanced topics within Neurobiology. We looked at current research from 2011-2014 on topics of what glial cells are, what their functions are, where they are located, and how they influence sick-behavior, fatigue, energy metabolism, eating behaviors, depression, etc. Of course, I’m interested in athletics and tried to connect my weekly papers with my favorite topics.

Below is my final paper, which was sort of a culmination of all the ideas I had throughout the semester.

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